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  1. image Shia toolkit: Shia Isna Asheri Toolkit is compilation of various islamic Duas/Supplications, Quran Surahs, Ziaraat, Namaz/Salaat index & method, Taqeebat, Important Dates, Imam & Masoomeen(as) Info and other features. Most of the sections have Arabic text, English translation, Description/Background & Transliteration, plus you have the option to play the audio simultaneously while reading the Arabic text or translation.
  2. image iDuas: The application contains a detailed guide on what to do for the Month of Ramadhan and contains supplications and salutations that are highly recommended to be recited during the Month of Ramadhan including the Nights of Power (Laylatul Qadr). A special feature includes the ability to download MP3s for each Du’a/Amaal and following along while reciting or listening.
  1. image Nahjul Balagha – Peak of Eloquence
  2. iShia Books: *** App is in Arabic only *** iShia-Books provides users with and easy and full-featured access to “Ahl-ul Bayt Library” books plus other books available on
  1. Shia Prayer Kit: Shia Muslim Duas, Ziyarats, Amal, Nauhas, Ebooks, Audios,Videos, Islamic Movies, Reliable News and more
  1. Azadari : This is a application, based on important recitation of lectures as well as rhymes by prominent people with audio as well as description.